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Good Article: Beyond China: How To Navigate The New World

Walmart Teams With Suppliers To Purchase Raw Materials?

What do you think? Good or bad idea? I think that is bad for the competition and definitely could help push Walmart more toward a Monopoly…..

Global Companies Reexamine Their Sourcing Strategies

Great article – Does it make sense to continue to source in China? It is more than a simple decision.

Great Article – Shifting To A Customer-Centric Value Chain

This is a great article about how being innovative can transform your supply chain. Enjoy!

Packaging & Logistics – Providing Value

The linkto the article below does a great job of outlining the value proposition of outsourcing packaging and supply chain services.

To sum it up:
Fast launch
Flexible operations
Inventory near the point of distribution
Technology – No major investments needed if supply chain/packaging partner already has a top-notch IT solution

Drive Business Value Through Improved Procurement – Great Article